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Tuna Tar Tar: $13.95

Fresh Sashimi Tuna & Avocado cube stacked in citrus marinade atop a bed of Asian Slaw. Topped with sesame seeds. Served with House-Made Pub Chips.


Bang Bang Shrimp: $13.95
Golden Crispy Shrimp tossed in Sweet Thai Chili sauce and topped with Sriracha Mayo and Sesame Seeds.


Beef Satay: $11.95

Beef Street-Style Satay Skewers. Served with Sweet-N-Savory Thai peanut sauce.

Grilled Reindeer Venison: $14.95
Sliced Grilled Reindeer venison, over bed of sautéed wild mushrooms and finished with Agrodolce Gastrique


Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad: $9.95 
Pecan-Crusted goat cheese, on fresh Spinach. Topped with Caramelized onions, Roasted red peppers. served with lemon-thyme vinaigrette. 
-Add Blackened Chicken $3.50 -Add Blackened Shrimp $5.00


Pork Belly Nachos: $10.50
Melted Bier Cheese over house-made Pub Chips topped with Pico De Gallo, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Green Onions and Slow-cooked Pork Belly.

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio: $13.95
Citrus Arugula Salad with diced onions, capers, on a bed of thinly sliced Smoked Salmon. Finished with Dill Aioli.


Sweet & Savory Flatbread: $13.95

Flatbread with Tomato Jam Base, Smoked Shoulder Bacon, Roasted Red Peppers, Caramelized Onion & topped with Blue Cheese Crumbles.

Grilled Chicken & Goat Cheese Flatbread: $13.95
Garlic White Wine Base. Topped with Grilled Chicken, Goat cheese, diced tomatoes, Basil Chiffonade & finished with a Balsamic Demi Glaze.

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